Skin & Coat Supplement Cookies

Skin & Coat Supplement Cookies

Rated "Excellent" by pup parents
Help your dog live a more confident and comfortable life with our plant-based supplement cookies made exclusively from premium, human-grade, science-backed ingredients. Balgo's vet-approved, supplement cookies are formulated to improve your dog's skin and coat health, and will help maintain a lustrous coat and healthy skin.
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Helps, Supports & Prevents

Helps, supports and prevents issues with...
Coat Growth
Coat Condition
Dry Skin
Skin Redness
Skin Inflammation
Skin Health
Coat Shedding
Coat Moulting
Wound Healing

Serving Guide

Feed the recommended number of supplement cookies daily as a treat or reward. Positive health improvements should begin to appear within 8 - 12 weeks.

Dog weight - Serving per day

1 - 15 kg - 1 supplement cookie
15 - 35 kg - 2 supplement cookies
35+ kg - 3 supplement cookies

* The suitability of this product has not been tested for dogs under the age of 12 weeks or pregnant dogs.

Nutritional Information

Ground Barley, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Nutritional Yeast - Saccharomyces cerevisiae (4.5%), Omega 3 (Algae) source of DHA (4.5%), Sweet Potato (4%), Vegetable Stock, Brewer's Yeast (4%), Barley Malt Syrup, Rapeseed Oil, Minerals, Nettle (2%), includes natural colours Spirulina and Safflower.
Active Ingredients
Omega 3 (Algae) 112mg
Nutritional Yeast 112mg
Nettle 50mg
Selenium Yeast 0.0625mg
Additives per kg
Nutritional Additives per kg: Selenium (as Selenised yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 inactivated) 25mg.
Analytical constituents
Protein 12.4%, Crude Fibre 5.3%, Fat Content 7.8%, Crude Ash 12.5%.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping is free for all orders with no minimum order £/amount and we’ll ship your order in 3-5 business days. Next Day Delivery is also available and can be selected at the Checkout.

For subscription orders you can change your delivery date or frequency at any time in your account. Or cancel your subscription if you no longer need the products.

We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase and for your dog to love their Balgo supplement cookies, so we’ve created the Yum! vs Yuk! Money Back Taste Guarantee which means if your dog turns their nose up at their cookies, we will refund your first order in full, providing you contact us via email within 14 days of receiving the order.

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Happy customers and
healthier pups

Coat looks shinier
Give my dog her skin and coat supplement cookie before her evening meal and after 3 months her coat has never looked shinier.

David & Charlie

Working wonders
My dog is usually picky with supplements, but can't wait for his daily cookies. He's on the skin and coat cookies as he had fur loss, working wonders.

Jane & Lola

Coat is thicker
Just under eleven weeks and my dog's coat is thicker than ever. No excessive shedding too. His skin seems healthier as well. Thank you Balgo!

Emma & Bella

Anxiety levels reduced
Been feeding my dog your supplements for 5 months now and her anxiety levels have definitely reduced. Great customer service and dog supplements.

Nicky & Daisy

More relaxed
Super product and fab results. My chocolate lab has never been more relaxed around other dogs. Love that they're plant-based too.

Tom & Pluto

Calmer in noisy environments
Since starting to feed Mimi the Relaxed & Calm cookies she's calmer in noisy environments and no longer tries to bolt when startled.

Jess & Mimi

Enjoys walks again
We've noticed a big difference in our Jack Russel's joints and he now enjoys long weekend walks again.

Gav & Finn

Noticeable improvement
Eight year old Lab was slowing down, but after just 6 weeks on these joint cookies, there's a noticeable improvement in his movement and energy levels. Nice one Balgo.

Tracy & Cooper

A big difference
Legs seem stronger and she's much happier, only been taking your Joint & Mobility cookies for nine weeks and already making a big difference.

Joseph & Ted

Breath is fresher
Purchased the digestion supplement cookies for my older bulldog who had very bad breath. She's had a month of these and her breath is fresher.

Tony & Rocky

Got appetite back
Since starting Lulu on the digestion and gut supplement cookies her tummy seems less sensitive and she's got her appetite back.

Olivia & Lulu

Easier to pickup
Been using this for my pup's runny poos for 3 months and it's done the job, so much easier to pickup after him now.

Sarah & Bernie

Gums look healthier
His breath is fresher and his gums look healthier. Cookies are taken from my hand like treats. Love that they're cruelty free too.

Zack & Rudy

Reduced plaque
My dog Enzo had lots of plaque and bad breath before using Balgo's oral health cookies. That's no longer the case and he loves that they come as a cookie treat.

Nige & Enzo

Worked well
I was shocked at how well this has worked on my dog's teath, gums and breathe. Love that they double up as treats too.

Dionne & Millo

Skin & Coat Supplement Cookies

Helps, supports and prevents...

Coat Growth

Selenium strengthens hair follicles, enhancing coat growth and contributing to a lush, healthy appearance.

Coat Condition

Selenium boosts hair follicle health, promoting a thicker and more vibrant coat.

Dry Skin

Omega 3 (algae) and Nettle work together to hydrate and nourish dry skin, alleviating flakiness and discomfort.

Skin Redness

Nettle offers soothing properties that effectively reduce skin redness and calm irritation, aiding skin recovery.

Skin Inflammation

Nettle acts to soothe and diminish skin inflammation, ensuring comfort and aiding in the healing process.

Skin Health

Selenium and Yeast, rich in B vitamins, synergize to maintain and enhance overall skin health and resilience.

Coat Shedding

Omega 3 (algae) supports robust fur growth, helping to minimize excessive shedding and to maintain a healthy coat.

Coat Moulting

Omega 3 (algae) aids in maintaining a healthy coat, reducing moulting and ensuring a smoother, shinier appearance.

Wound Healing

Selenium and Yeast facilitate wound healing and collagen formation, essential for maintaining clear, elastic skin.

Balgo's Yum! vs Yuk! Money Back Taste Guarantee

Money back on your first order if your pup doesn't think their plant-powered supplement cookies taste Yum!

We're delighted that over 90 in every 100 pups think our supplement cookies taste Yum! They're not only packed full of human-grade vegan, active ingredients, but also yummy sweet potatoes, barley malt syrup and brewer's yeast.

But that still leaves a bunch a pups who's palettes aren't quite ready to embrace plant-powered nutrition and currently find our supplement cookies more Yuk! than Yum! So we want to ensure you and your pup have nothing to loose by giving Balgo a try.


Skin & Coat's Health timeline

Day One

Start forming a daily, healthy reward or treat, feeding habbit that priotises your dog's skin and coat health.

8 Weeks

Expect your dog's skin health to improve with a noticeable difference in coat shine and hair growth support.

6 Months

Expect your dog to feel more comforatble with less scratching and/or licking behaviors caused by skin issues.

For life

Expect your dog to have a glossy, lustrous coat, healthy supple skin and relief from skin related allergies.

Skin & Coat's Health timeline

Day One

Start forming a daily, healthy reward or treat, feeding habbit that priotises your dog's skin and coat health.

8 Weeks

Expect your dog's skin health to improve with a noticeable difference in coat shine and hair growth support.

6 Months

Expect your dog to feel more comforatble with less scratching and/or licking behaviors caused by skin issues.

For life

Expect your dog to have a glossy, lustrous coat, healthy supple skin and relief from skin related allergies.

"Balgo have developed the world's first Vegan Society certified dog supplement range, using premium, human-grade, science backed ingredients formulated to tackle the most common canine health issues."


Dog supplements have changed

Most dog supplements are formatted as awkward pills, messy powders or generic chews and are made with cheap, unproven ingredients which include animal products. We've chosen a yummier, healthier, kinder, more scientific, eco friendly way.
Game changing supplements

Feed as yummy, naturally coloured, daily-habit forming treats.

Human grade ingredients

Meets human standards, with pharmaceutical purity and quality.

Vegan Society certified

Cruelty free, zero animal derived or animal by-product ingredients.

Science backed formulas

Backed by scientific research focused on dog health, not just humans.

Traceable origins

Sourced via a rigorous ingredients supply chain vetting process.

Other dog supplements
Dated formats

Unpalatable, awkward pills, messy powders and generic brown chews.

Low purity

Cheaper, less-refined ingredients you’d never consume yourself.


Cruelty included, made with animal derivatives and/or animal by-products


Limited clinical research with ingredients not scientifically approved for dogs.

Unknown origins

Zero transparency on where your ingredients are coming from.


How long will it take to see the results from my dog’s supplements?

When taken on a regular daily basis, most dogs will begin to show results in 8 - 12 weeks.

What if my dog eats more than their recommended dose of supplements?

Our supplements cookies are carefully balanced with your dog’s weight in mind, so we always recommend that you keep to the recommended dosage.

In the event that your dog accidentally consumes more than twice the recommended daily dose, consult your vet as soon as possible.

What will my dog's supplement cookies taste like?

Our supplement cookies are flavoured with brewers yeast and barley malt syrup and include sweet potatoes, carrots and paprika. We also use all-natural ingredients and botanicals, they're allergen-free, and contain no artificial additives, which means they're not only 100% safe for canine consumption, but also that most (over 90 in every 100), dogs find them Yum!

Are your dog supplements allergen-free?

Along with being vegan (meat, fish, dairy, egg free), all our supplement cookies are wheat-free, pesticide-free, and non-GMO.

Is shipping free?

We offer free 2 - 4 day shipping on all domestic orders, no minimum order value required.

Alternatively, if you would to receive your order sooner, you can select our paid 24 hours express shipping option at checkout.

Can I postpone or skip my subscription delivery?

Totally. Just sign into Your Account and edit the delivery frequency so your next delivery lines up with the date you would like.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course you can cancel your subscription at any time!

The quickest way to do this is by logging onto your account and following the prompts to cancel. Your request will be processed immediately and your card won't be charged from that point forward.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly team members at to request a cancellation of your subscription. Please note, however, that it may take up to 2 business days for them to process your request.