Our planet pledge

Our mission is to help your dog live a longer, healthier, more active life. This means we’re also committed to looking after the world that nurtures us all.

We believe every business should have a positive effect on the environment. So we’ve created ours from the ground up with the smallest carbon footprint possible to ensure we protect our planet.

Vegan products

We’re certified by The Vegan Society and wiith all our products 100% vegan, we can help to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and animal cruelty.

Sustainable materials

We use non-GMO raw materials which are ethically sourced along with cutting-edge synthetically produced active ingredients. Our supplement cookies meet FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation) guidelines. 

Zero waste

Our packaging is 100% recyclable across all councils in the UK. The boxes are made from cardboard and the sachets are made from paper and recyclable plastic, which can be detached from the inside. This enables our product and packaging to function in a closed loop, ensuring we leave no waste behind. 

Made in UK

We manufacture all our supplement cookies and packaging in the UK to ensure we minimise the production and delivery miles we consume and to support UK businesses. 

Carbon neutral

We use a global standard framework for measuring and managing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Following the quantification and reporting of GHG emission and removal (ISO 14064), we offset our carbon footprint step-by-step through partnerships with organisations and projects, both in the UK and abroad, including woodland creation in England and wind farms in the state of Gujarat in India. To date we’ve offset our complete carbon footprint.